What is best about working with Victor is that he likes challenges; you tell him I want this and that, I want it to look like this or like that and he never fails to accomplish what you asked of him. Sometimes, the results are even better than what you had in mind in the first place.

Iulian Fira, http://www.iulianfira.ro

Being faced with the task of branding your company is a large undertaking. Victor’s combination of creativity and professionalism was exactly what we needed. We really appreciated Victor’s creativity and efficiency. It’s great to work with someone so responsive. It has been a great experience working with him. Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results.

Mihaela Gresita, Owner at lightpr.ro

Victor Sosea is a great graphic designer. He made from scratch a template for my website, and added great features for an easier find by google engines on the web.

Cristian Bugeac, Desktop Publisher

Victor is a very creative and talented designer. The products of his work (graphic design, webdesign) are innovative and possess a certain neatness and elegance which prove the special attention that he pays to his work. Rarely have I seen such skill to create complete, complex and professional products!

Alexandra Daniela Ilie, Project Manager at MonumenteOltenia.ro

Victor is a thoughtful artist. He cares about his work in a sense that he won’t stop until the job is done right according to his standards, which are very high.. His constant orientation towards self-improvement and his unimaginable patience will soon transform him into the great designer he aspires to be.

Adina Cososchi,

At the time I was working for Gazeta de Sud Victor was my right hand. He always answers ASAP at tasks. He is a hard-working young man. And I must say that since 2008, when I left Publicity for my career as Independent Freelancer ARTIST, Victor surpassed my skills in graphic design and in blogging graphic design and social content. It seems that the time wheel turns different today. Supposing I would go back to Gazeta de Sud, well, with me as employee then Victor would be the one bossing me.

Alina P. Mardare, Artist Designer at SEAT SA